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My commute takes the better part of two hours, each way.  I use the time to think.  I’m in my thirty second year of indentured servitude, and once again the corporate machine is groaning.  I’ve always been flummoxed by a company’s ability to stay in business and make profits under a consistent flow of poor decisions.

Comparison.  Competition.  There are times when I slip into that region of discontent.  I say discontent, because it seems that the state of contentedness is contrary to the concepts of competition and comparison.  Those concepts imply winning versus losing, better versus worse.  Contentedness suggests enough.  I like the idea of enough.

It started with an innocuous comment about success.  So and so is more successful than you (me) because so and so is perched at the top of the corporate ladder and is compensated accordingly.  The comps are flying already and I’ve barely begun this post.  I feel compelled to look into the root word structures –surely there are connections.  Comparison.  Competition.  Compensation.  Compel.  I digress, in true sueeeus fashion…

I was thinking about my initial reaction to the comment.  I felt defensive.  So and so isn’t better than me!  I could have reached the echelons of corporate leadership, had I chosen.  I felt hurt, as though it were some sort of reflection of failure on my part, as though I needed to convince someone, anyone, everyone, that I am just as good.  I felt jealous.  So and so makes more (money) than I do and has a fancy pants title.  Of more concern to me is why it even mattered.  My reaction was so immediate, and I felt as though I needed to justify myself and somehow assert that I am not a failure.  I also wonder why my reaction is so binary, so extreme.  Success.  Failure.  No in-between.

The nature of my work is all about the ones and the zeros, so there is that.  But the nature of my self is all about the in-betweens, or rather, perspectives.  Just because true/false, on/off, all/none, right/wrong are points that describe entities in a known dimension, it doesn’t necessarily mean that those are the only states.  They are obvious states, but not necessarily the only states.  Perception through one facet of a crystal may be very different from perception through another facet of the same crystal.  Is either right? Is either wrong?  They are simply different.  Why does there have to be a right or a wrong?

I think it’s a limitation of the human mind.  People are generally comfortable with the knowns.  Binary things are easy to wrap one’s mind around, because they are very simple to grasp.  Multidimensional things are complex.  Matrices within matrices from infinity to infinity in all directions.

I’m embarrassed to admit that I fell into a funk for a few days, as I worked through these thoughts.  I thought about the comparison game.  I mostly have the experience of my own life and culture to draw from, and it occurs to me that life as I know it has contained a steady feed of information that has contributed to the shape of my thoughts and emotions.  I don’t remember when it dawned on me that I could choose how to steer my thoughts and emotions.

There is so much conditioning taking place with the onslaught of information that we absorb through media.  When, if ever, does it occur to us to question the validity of the information that we absorb?  We get notions of body image based on the examples we see in print and on screen.  Does it occur to us to take a look around at a general cross-section of society and realize that almost nobody looks like the actors and models we see portraying life?  We get notions of romance which stem from fantasy and set expectations for reality, then feel let down that true love seems unattainable, when in fact we are living in a perfectly beautiful loving situation.  We are fed carefully crafted information designed to promote [something, someone].  It’s called marketing, and it’s a product of capitalism. It’s reason for being is to pad someone’s pockets or promote someone’s power or influence.

It’s so exhausting to justify myself to myself!  Once I recovered from my initial reactionary response to the self-inflicted judgment of failure (since I’m not the CEO), I reminded myself that I had faced precisely such a decision in my early twenties — I recognized ‘career path’ and saw clearly that although I was and am quite capable of ‘success’, that the capitalistic model of corporate America was contrary to my soul, and although the financial rewards and professional accolades are or were tempting, the internal price of or for success was simply not worth it.  I made a choice.

In retrospect, I don’t know where or how I ever attained such wisdom (I am working on some theories), but I am grateful.  Before I’d ever read Buckminster Fuller’s Critical Path, and by the grace of God, I made the better choice, the more valuable choice.  My success isn’t measured in terms of social status, professional status, financial status.  My success is measured in terms of soul status, and it’s only measured by me.

Throughout these thought streams, some key words or concepts kept surfacing.  Source.  Core.  For whatever reason, I am driven by the need to understand.  Anything. Everything.  It consistently emerges as something core to my very being.  I don’t know why (but I’m working on some theories).

Here’s an aside.  I have this thing about connections and structures and origins.  Keys.  Some of the keys that I’ve noted in order to collect and frame my thoughts are the words ‘core’ and ‘source’.  These words resonate with my soul.  In the overlap of my personal life with my professional life, the relevant catchphrase du jour emerges, “Never outsource your core competency.”  Look at that — source, core, comp.  All neatly bundled in a span of five words.  This correlation is busy whirring about in a background process of my mind, and I’m certain that something interesting will come of it, when the forefront of my mind is ready.

I’m no expert.  On anything.  That is the nature of knowledge.  The more you know, the more you realize how little you know of what there is to know.  That is where my affinity for source and core stem from (oh, if ever I could learn how to express myself without dangling participles, split infinitives and any and all manner of grammatical faux pas).

The affinity for source and core spans both my personal and professional lives.  One can think in terms of platform or foundation.  If the foundation isn’t sound, what then?  Every conclusion drawn from such a basis is suspect.  Bad data.  This is where assumptions are dangerous.  Something can become common knowledge through careful marketing or accidental means, yet have no sound basis.  An example is the theory of evolution.  It’s proposed as a theory, yet is generally accepted as a fact.  It might be a fact.  I don’t know.  I haven’t been exposed to the proof.

The core value of what I do professionally relies upon valid source [data].  Finally I remember what I was thinking when I entitled this post, “who’s afraid of the big bad [data] wolf?”.  It’s all about bad data.  Foundation.  Source.

The society in which I live seems to be built on a basis of bad data.  Conclusions or definitions of things like success, beauty, worth, and value are vapor without real substance.

I stand in stubborn defiance and cling to the quest for source, with my own assumption that whatever conclusion(s) may be drawn will be closer to valid, and therefore have some real meaning.

Understanding, for whatever reason, is a hunger of my soul, and I am seeking the peace that passes understanding.  It is attainable, by some measure.  I’m sure of it.

from the first day that thou didst set thine heart to understand and to chasten thyself before thy God, thy words were heard; and I have come for thy words

Many years ago I set my heart to understand.  It’s part of my driving force.  I don’t know why –it’s intrinsic to me.  I haven’t gotten very far.  Or rather, the farther I get, the more I realize how little I know.  I’m very slowly putting the pieces together.

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It’s a wondrous thing, how music can capture and convey so much heart.  I hear music, and I want to be a part of it.  I want it in me.  I want to be in it.  I want it to come out from me.  I want to be it.  Barry Manilow (laugh if you will) said it.  “I am music…”

Sometimes I feel as though I nearly am.  I feel that way with language and other things too.  Somebody once told me that is called intuition.  But I don’t know.  I just know that it feels as though I’m standing at a doorway.  I know what’s beyond that door; I can see it as clear as day.  And if only I could or would walk through that door, it would all become a part of me, and I’d be in it, and it would be in me.  I would speak forth in foreign languages.  I would play any sound on any instrument.  I would be one with music and language.

Alas.  What keeps me from stepping through that doorway?  I wish I knew.  Is it fear? Fear of failure?  Maybe.  Probably.  I don’t know.  I just continue on in my mediocrity.

There is a song that has been touching my heart lately.  It’s called “Rise“, by Shawn McDonald.

In a way, it captures some of the essence of me, and the things I’ve been going through for the past couple of years.  Me, Phoenix Rising.  I love the melody and the octave changes.

Yes I will rise
Out of these ashes rise
From this trouble I have found
And this rubble on the ground
I will rise
Cause He Who is in me
Is greater than I will ever be
And I will rise

Sometimes my heart is on the ground
And hope is nowhere to be found
Love is a figment I once knew
And yet I hold on to what I know is true

Yes I will rise
Out of these ashes rise
From this trouble I have found
And this rubble on the ground
I will rise
Cause He Who is in me
Is greater than I will ever be
And I will rise

Well I keep on coming to this place
That I don’t know quite how to face
So I lay down my life in hopes to die
That somehow I might rise

Yes I will rise
Out of these ashes rise
From this trouble I have found
And this rubble on the ground
I will rise
Cause He Who is in me
Is greater than I will ever be
And I will rise

I have few answers. There isn’t much that I really know. I’m not necessarily that smart. I’m a little bit book smart, but life-smart? Not so much. I just live every day trying to be my best. One thing I do know. I know who I am. I am kind. I am gentle. I am good. I am patient. I am steady. I am faithful. I am peaceful. I am loving. I am upright. I seek to do no harm. I am [mostly] responsible. I avoid conflict. I am compassionate. I love everyone.

Am I a doormat? Maybe. I don’t know. I’m hyper-sensitive, yes.   It’s a character flaw, and I’m working on it.  I saw a bumper sticker today that said, “Jesus was a pacifist.” I’m a pacifist. For sure.

And all I want, which is all I’ve ever wanted, which is pretty much the same thing that almost anybody ever wants or has ever wanted from the dawn of time, is to love and be loved. Simply put.

I have children. They are my life’s dream come true. They need to come first, so I don’t even know what ‘me time’ is any more. I have to be strong and steady and firm and loving for them. I have to be everything they need. Because I don’t want them to ever feel, for even a moment, that they don’t belong or that they don’t matter or that they’re not important, or that they’re not wanted. I want them to be secure in who they are and how they fit into this big, chaotic world in which we live. It’s so hard, being a parent.

What can I do, besides what I’m doing?  I just go on loving.  I go on breathing.  I go on trying.  I go on being.  I go on praying.  I go on.

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I’m feeling scattered again.  Oh, I don’t like to feel scattered!  I like to know the boundaries of my world, as they constitute my comfort zone.  The perimeter can be very extensive, but I so very much like to be aware of what the perimeter is.

I’ve been house hunting and man hunting — up to my internet mischief.  It’s exhausting!  Add to that the cold that is trying to catch me.  My throat is a battleground.

The house hunting is proving to be very similar to the internet dating experience.  I’ve been to view several houses lately, and what they look like in real life is a far cry from what they look like in their on-line photos.  Rooms look impressively spacious, only to find they are tiny cracker boxes.  Earlier this year I was intent on finding a home with a view, maximizing the tranquility of my sphere –proximity to work, neighborhood safety, proximity to my family, and a view of mountains and salt water were my top priorities.  Frustrated with that, I refocused on vacation properties.  I thought I could buy a weekend home with the view and tranquility, and remain in my current home for the day-to-day living.  I’ve since reconsidered matters again, now that my Brutus is in school, and raised the school ratings above the desire for a view.  It has come to my attention that we don’t live in a particularly good school region, so I would like my boys to have the benefit of better schools and the stability to grow up with the same set of people.  Better views and better schools come at a price, so a similar home to the one I have is far beyond my means.  While there are beautiful and affordable homes available the further one extends from the city, and there are pockets of better schools in the outlying regions, the commute and proximity to family are prohibitive.  I don’t want to add any further stress to the world in which I live, so I have to be mindful of the effects of a difficult commute.

Add to this the pursuit of togetherness.  If only I knew what I wanted, or what would work best for me.  I know much of what I don’t want, but to quantify what I want and what I’m capable of is very difficult.  So far, it’s been an iterative process that has consumed years of my life, because I don’t know how else to approach it.  The current mission statement that best describes what I  think I want is “a respectful, respectable alpha male sex machine who is okay with me having my way when it’s important to me“.  In a nutshell.  Ha!

Meeting men is easy enough (with the online venue).  Determining a definite ‘no’ is easy enough as well.  Encountering a possible ‘maybe’ is very, very rare, and if it happens, I don’t know what to do next, other than tread softly, try not to cast forth too many pearls, and hope to remain clear headed and open minded.  None of which I am particularly good at.  (Oh, how my dad would cringe at my split infinitives and dangling participles, were he alive and reading this.)

It’s all so hard for me!  I just want to be settled down.  To know where home is.  To know with whom my heart is safely entrusted.  I want a simple and beautiful life.  (Yes, I know, I know, I already have a simple and beautiful life.)

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I need to write a will.  I’ve been meaning to for years, but I still haven’t done it.  I also need to establish a trust for my kids.  I want to minimize any burden my loved ones will have to endure in order to wrap up matters regarding my physical remains. In the event that I don’t get to it before my demise, let it hereby be known that these are my wishes:

  • Estate. I leave everything to my children, to be divided equally between them, with my sister C’s oversight, should they not be of age.
  • Body. I want to be cremated, via the budget route.  Waste no money on my remains, because I am not there.  It’s just a vessel and I’m done with it.  Enough.  I don’t want to be pumped full of nasty weird embalming fluids, and I don’t want worms and creepy crawly things creeping and crawling through my spent vessel, buried who knows where.  Don’t be duped into an emotional purchase of a cheesy urn, either.   Take my pulverized ashes in the generic plastic container and do with them what you will.  At that point, it’s your sentimental journey with the memory of me, and I embrace whatever that journey may be.   (If I’m wealthy enough or have set aside enough funds for things of this nature, I commission objects d’art be made from my pulverized remains, to be distributed as keepsakes for my loved ones.)
  • Obit.  Oh, it’s a stressful thing to be tasked with preparing worthwhile and substantive words when you are traumatized or in shock or barely have your wits about you.  I could write my own, ready to be used in a pinch if my loved ones were in such a state.  Of course they are welcome to write what they want, but I could have something ready for them, in the case that they weren’t up to it.  I don’t really care if an obit is published, but maybe someone else does.  If they do, go for it.  It could go something like this:
    Suueeeus Maximus, 28 Mar 1965 – tbd
    Mother, sister, friend, working fool.  She loved everyone, she loved life, she worked hard, she did her best.  The end.
  • Funeral.  I don’t want a dreary sad funeral.  If my loved ones gather, let them celebrate.  Let it be fun, with happy music, good food, drinks and much laughter.  Sing show tunes.  Laugh until your cheeks hurt.  Be together in the sphere of love and rejoice in each others’ company.
  • Flowers.  Please don’t waste any money on those wretched stuffy and expensive flower arrangements that you see decorating caskets or propped against podiums at traditional funerals.  You know the ones, with sprays of gladioli arranged in ominous fans.  They mean nothing to me.  Simple happy farmer’s market type flowers are okay — daffodils, lilacs, tulips, lilies.  That sort of thing.
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It’s easy to wax full of ambition and resolve when the sun is setting, the belly is content and the wine glass is nearly dry.  In my imagination I run effortlessly, cool wind on my face, the strains of Chariots of Fire echoing in my mind.  I run and run and run and run.  I fancy myself like young Beethoven, in that fabulous scene from Immortal Beloved, where he runs and runs and runs, finding his bliss, and floats beneath a million stars with the Ode to Joy bursting from his heart.

Alas.  The morning comes, and the light of day exposes the fantasy for what it is.  This body, though sturdy and strong, is by no means nimble and spry.  Binding the breastage in order to even attempt a run is no small feat that leaves me sweaty and practically winded before I’ve even put one foot to the floor.  Once outside, it takes almost no time for the burning sensation to sear its path along the outside of my legs, from my ankles to my knees.

I huff and I puff, and quickly decide that walking suits me fine.

Even so, I allow the fantasy to live on in the far reaches of my mind.

I want to be fit.  I do.  I don’t want to wait for a near tragedy or a wake up call to rattle my brains into acknowledging that I should respect myself enough to honor my vessel in every way imaginable, at all times, without fail.

There are so many forms of so-called motivation that I simply do not respond to.  In fact, they tend to have the opposite effect.  I need to find that sweet spot in which I block out that which doesn’t serve me well, and hone in on that which does.

I’m a work in progress.  I may be forty six, but it’s not too late.  It’s never too late.  Or, rather, it’s not too late until it’s too late.  Right now, it’s not too late.

So here I go.   Podrunner intervals for C25K locked and loaded.  Push ups for Android, check.  Water bottle, full.

a little fall of rain can hardly hurt me now


I survived!  (Day 1, anyway.)

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Stupid stupid stupidy server that keeps choking, how am I supposed to blog with you being so fickle?

Gadget’s MO is to play his passive aggressive games and not give me the courtesy of any advance notice with regard to when he will take the boys. While it appears there may be a light at the end of this tunnel, since he’s expressed interest in synchronizing the visitation with his new woman’s visitation schedule such that all children can be together for the same weekend, there is no guarantee that he will follow through with any level of consistency.

Anyhow. He called at 8 a.m. Saturday morning and said he’d take the kids, and to meet him at 9 a.m. Nice. Does this give me time to make any sort of weekend plans?

I prefer to be able to make plans. I still sort of fall apart when the boys aren’t here. As much as I yearn for some down time or me time, I still haven’t learned how not to fall apart when they’re not here. A cloud of anguish descends — the grief that we aren’t a family, and I so, so, so want to be a family. Not with Gadget. That ship has sailed. It’s just grief that we aren’t a family, or rather, I’m not a family when my boys are gone. So I fall apart. Because, truly, that’s all I want. Family. Sigh. Therefore, knowing this is how things tend to go, I like to be able to book up my alone time so that I don’t have much time to fall under the spell of that cloud that so deftly and swiftly descends upon me.

Luckily, I’ve been able to schedule very short notice massage appointments each time I’ve come upon a free weekend. If nothing else, this indulgence does much to improve my overall well being. Man hands on me, this time for two full hours, working deep, deep, deep into the bound up muscles of my body. Wow, that almost sounds saucy. I could put a little more effort into that prose and come up with something racy! Massage doesn’t have to be man-hands. I’ve been trying different practitioners, but lately am pleased with this particular therapist. He’s got a little familiarity now with what I need, and because we went for two hours yesterday, he really made some progress and was able to loosen up the upper back and shoulders. I’ve been having chronic headaches, so this is a step in the right direction. And besides, I’ll take two hours of man hands on me any day, even if I have to pay for it!

So this free time can become very expensive. Shopping is one thing that gets me out of the house and that can be done on the spur of the moment. And what struck my fancy this weekend? I stumbled upon this iPod speaker contraption called an iHome, that claims to produce excellent sound. It’s kind of odd looking, and more expensive than the other options, but I figured, what the heck. I can return it if I don’t like it. Oh, I love Costco. Love. Costco is my crack. There, I said it.

Of course I can rationalize any mad spending. See, a speaker solution for the iPod allows me to listen to music without having to wear headphones and carry the iPod around. I seldom have pockets, so have to stuff the thing in my bra. And if I’m dancing around, well, it gets sweaty. Gross! Not to mention potentially limiting the lifespan of my iPod. Electronics and moisture don’t play well together. That’s just plain irresponsible, and we can’t have that!  And singing and dancing to music, reliving memories and experiences that the music evokes, is very therapeutic. Therefore it’s good for my soul. Good for my well being. And something that is good for my well being is worth spending mad money on. Yes? Yes!

I’m good. What can I say.

I tried to wrangle together a date or two within my minuscule window, but it’s just as well that I wasn’t successful. I could get myself into trouble if I acted on spontaneity like that! Instead, I stayed in, drank some wine, bombarded everyone’s FaceBook walls, and cyber flirted. So entertaining. This week I’ve had a sugar daddy offer, a few boy toy prospects, a heap of not-at-all-my-type-please-leave-me-alone pursuers, messages from a small handful of actually nice sounding men, including one or two I might agree to actually meet in person. Maybe. Or maybe not.

It’s fun, but wearying. I don’t really want to look around, troll about, or anything like that. I just want Mister Right-For-Me to show up in front of me, and I want to recognize him, say, “Hello there cutie pie, how are you, where have you been all my life?”, to which he says, “Looking for you, Sweetheart”, and that’s that. We live happily ever after. We don’t have to figure out if we’re ready to meet or even be with someone. We don’t have to figure out if we’re compatible. We don’t have to figure out if we’ll get along until we’re a hundred and one. We don’t have to wonder if the love and honor and respect and compassion and communication and understanding and interest and attraction and affection and everything or anything else will ever fade. We don’t have to wonder if the other will help raise our kids the way we want them to be raised. We don’t have to wonder if they’ll be true and honest. We don’t have to wonder if they’ll always have our back.  We don’t have to wonder if they’ll be responsible and trustworthy. We just jump into forever together.

I know. I’m bat crazy.

hello cutie pie, it's me, bat-girl

I don’t want that sugar daddy, though. That much I do know.

Oh, and that iHome thingy?  Sounds pretty darn good.  Whodathunkit?

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It’s really great to have friends out there who are so kind and supportive.  You know who you are, and I thank you.


It’s interesting how one’s hopes and dreams change through the years.  Some things remain constant, some simmer in the background, some are dropped completely.  There were certain hopes and dreams that I had dropped, because they couldn’t or wouldn’t be shared or realized.  I rearranged my thoughts to embrace a future without that set of hopes and dreams.

We never truly know what tomorrow will bring.  The twists and turns that life gives us.  And here I am, making a new start, realizing that if I wanted to, I could rekindle the hopes and dreams that had no place in yesterday’s version of my future.  There’s a whole new canvas before me.  The possibilities are endless.

It’s thrilling, really.  Thrilling!


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…a new beginning


…a fresh start


…an open book


…exquisite moments ready to burst into being

Hello 2010.  I am ready for you.

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At some point early on, the notion formed that I had to do something meaningful in my life, something BIG; I couldn’t just be.  Later, I reformed the notion from having to do something meaningful, to wanting to do something meaningful.  As time progressed, the notion fell further and further behind, buried somewhere deep in the recesses of my mind.

I haven’t given much thought to mortality for quite some time.  In my twenties I had a dream in which I died, and it was all so clear and unterrifying.  From that point on, I no longer feared my own death.  Nor did I think of it (not that I’d given my demise that much thought prior to the awakening).  That is, until I became a mother.

Suddenly, I am keenly aware of my mortality.  I have children to raise, and I want to see them to adulthood.  The recent loss of a dear friend amplifies the awareness further still.  In less than two months, she went from the vibrant friend I’ve known for the past twenty years to a memory.  Cancer exposed its ugly face and devoured her, and just like that, she is gone.

I’m very goal oriented, so I tend to focus on the destination more than the journey.  Even in the most literal sense, as a traveler, I’m the one saying, “Are we there yet?” rather than, “Hey!  Look at that!!”  Thus far, I’m not very good at the journey.  My life has been a series of goals; it’s how I survive.  Get a job, get a home, get a car, get out of debt.  Those are the easy goals.  Those are the goals over which I have control.  Then there are the personal goals.  Find true love.  Build a family.  Live happily ever after.  Find inner peace.  Live a meaningful life.  These are the goals that challenge me, because these goals require me to focus on the journey.  I need to learn to enjoy the journey.  I need to just be (to the best of my ability).  I need to convince myself that it’s okay to just be.  It’s okay.  I don’t need or have to do anything big.

It’s all about the journey.  I already know that’s the answer.  Somebody with far more wisdom than I have already went through the effort to find that.  Live joyfully.  Go thy way, eat thy bread with  joy, and drink thy wine with a merry heart.  Whatsoever thy hand findeth to do, do it with thy might.

New goal.  In the morning, when I rise, I shall ask myself, “How are you going to love today?” and in the evening before I sleep, I shall ask myself, “What did you love today?” In so doing, I live a meaningful life.

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First, another look at a beautiful baby.  There can never be too much of that!

While I’m not big on resolutions, I live by lists and goals.  They help maintain my sanity.  There are so many things rattling around in my head, so putting them down on paper (so to speak) is a way to pull them out of the quagmire that is my mind, thus free it up just a bit.  In lieu of any formal resolutions, here are some of my current hopes, plans and goals, in no particular order:

  1. sleep through the night — LB slept for six hours straight last night, so we’re on our way!  If only I didn’t keep waking up to check on him, or to check the time…
  2. breast milk for a year — if I can maintain the current rate of production, I might be able to stop pumping in April (assuming I can find enough freezer space)
  3. settle in to a livable pumping schedule in which I can get a reasonable amount of sleep; see 1 and 2
  4. recover my milk supply — one day (yesterday, see 3) of fiddling with the pumping schedule and now a tremendous drop in supply. ..  …trying not to panic…
  5. settle in to a good work schedule (thank God I work with and for such great people!)
  6. make peace with leaving my children at daycare (children, I have children!)
  7. maintain good blood sugar control
  8. exercise at least 3 times/week
  9. eat more healthy foods than junky foods
  10. keep my cool in the face of the emotional challenges a four year old poses
  11. spend a little more time and effort grooming –looking better helps me feel better…
  12. enlist Gadget to help more around the house –one can always try…
  13. buy a house!  Yes, the economy sucks, which is why this year is a particularly good year to buy, if we can manage it.
  14. play more with my boys
  15. establish a reasonable bed time and routine for BB
  16. think happy thoughts
  17. count my blessings every day
  18. eat for necessity, not emotion or sport
  19. take a vacation that’s good for all of us
  20. declutter
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