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My friend Skills.


I am from the old rusty bicycle dragged home from a ditch.  From Hai Karate and Bubble Yum, my mouth packed full to make sticky grape bubbles as big as my face.

I am from handprints in the sidewalk by the little yellow house hewn from my dad’s own hands, down a long country drive, empty, quiet, save garish green plastic tiles.

I am from the jade plant in the orange clay pot, ancient and dusty, perched on an old plate over a water-stained doily; from daisies that grew wild, Oregon berries and purple vetch, rolling fields and ripples of color.

I’m from Christmas at Grandma’s, home made candies, wild poker games, and turkey with all the trimmings; from mechanical aptitude, Smelly Shelley and Birgetta.

I’m from good-natured one-upmanship and preoccupation, from you are grounded and your hands are your tools, take care of them.

I am from Jesus in a white robe above Grandma’s door, arms outstretched in heaven’s holy light.

I’m from philanderers, Staples, Nixons and Knapps, from Kraft macaroni and cheese and hotdogs with sauerkraut.

From the gas-powered helicopter that Uncle George brought, carried away by the slipstream after Dad made it better, from birds nesting in Grandma’s old tea kettles that were hung from the eves, from monarch butterfly swarms and ladybugs covering the trees.

From Patton Valley Cherry Grove and Grandma’s museum once bursting with treasures from an era gone by, artifacts from pioneer days -now gone, scattered by dissent.  Lost, forever.

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small child, big mind, loud

dropped food, dropped dish, unhappy

tired, patience long worn


time out, minutes pass

words spoken, young mind meets old

until the next time

almost four

boundaries tested

it’s not easy being four

how I love that boy

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My spirit breathes with yours
I have heard your call
I know your name
Fear not, and be at peace
Be strong, yes, be strong
For from the first moment
When you did set your heart
To understand
Your words were heard
I am come for your words
I hear you speak the words of a prophet
But do you know what you say
I hear you speak the same words
Over and over again
Your heart cries
Sentences only begun
And I, I know the answers
To the questions you ask
And you, you shall know the truth
And the truth shall make you free
How bold you are
To bare your heart to a grasping world
Who only wants more
When you’ve given it all
Not I, no, not I
When you seek to know the truth
With your heart
It will be found of you
And the truth will make you free
So be at peace, be comforted
Dear kindred spirit
You are not alone

–sueeeus, 1990s

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Here in the wide wild west
The good guys don’t wear black
People give their trust
To those who wear white hats

The masses with canine vision
Find those white capped ones
Placed high on mighty steeds;
And join them as they charge

Caught in panting fervor
They shout with unison
Hysteria in the stampede
They are solaced in the bond

I speak to you, O silent one
For I am silent too
Open your eyes, watch and learn
Never be afraid

Come and see what canine eyes
As yet can not perceive
Carry this brightness which pierces dark
And scatters the light of day

Know the enemy
For it is certain
That he indeed knows you
What tactics has he tried
Look for something new
Seek in the obvious places

They walk among the masses
Watching and learning
Seeming to belong
In all appearance true
What color are their hats
Be not deceived

But play the game
Open your eyes and learn the move
Go where you don’t belong
Hide among the wolves
Don’t let yourself be seen
They devour even their own

Things are not as they seem
I am wearing black
You won’t find me in the masses
I walk in desolate places
Among mottled faces, void of expression
Bobbing on an endless sea
Where the wild things roam

Yeah, our shoulders may even touch
But they will not see me
Nor can they harm me
I venture out into darkness
Following a beacon not discerned

And I, a chameleon in black
Will find my brothers
And clasp their hands as we pass by
Our eyes will meet only briefly
In this most dangerous place
For we must not be seen

But they will know who I am
And when our hands touch
I will give them of my brazen torch
And my chameleon cloak

We will wander the wilderness
Seeking other brethren
As the hidden flame burns brighter
Growing, kindling, strengthening
Waiting until that day
When it will burst forth in a mighty flash
Consuming all the darkness

Then the cloak I wear
Will no longer be shrouded in black
But the colors will shine in brilliance
And then will I don my hat
Ablaze in glorious white

I will raise my arm to my champion
My silent lips will open
And I will shout his victory cry

–sueeeus, 13 Feb 1993

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Behind walls
Dark and terrible things happen

Behind walls
Bright and glorious things happen

Behind walls
We grow up
And when the time comes
We leave
Move on
Venture forth
Break free
Break away

We find places with new walls
Walls of our own choosing
Where the ghosts of those first walls
Come with us
If we so allow
The memories ebb and flow
Fade and grow
Like fish tales
Sometimes they nourish us
Sometimes they break us

Oh to have the wisdom
To sort the wheat from the chaff
To magnify the good
Forgive and forget the bad
Cling to the best of the best
And let the bright and glorious moments
Be those that shape our heart of hearts

Behind walls
We live

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A day is a day to live
Or a day is a day to die
Make time for hopes and dreams
Before another day goes by

It’s easy not to give it thought
To simply plod along
Since daily life must still be lived
And another day goes by

Waking, washing, working
Feeding, serving, resting
These are all the mundane things
Thus another day goes by

Soon the years have disappeared
Never to return
Oh to live with no regret
As every day goes by

A day is a day to live
And a day is a day to die
Now is the time for hopes and dreams
Now, before this day goes by

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Shoogga Boogga Boogga Woogga
Shoogga Boogga Boo
Shoogga Boogga Boogga Woogga
Tell Me, Who Are You

Shoogga Boogga Boogga Woogga
Shoogga Boogga Boo
Shoogga Boogga Boogga Woogga
You’re Mama’s Buggaboo!

Shoogga Boogga Boogga Woogga
Shoogga Boogga Boo
Shoogga Boogga Boogga Woogga
Mama Sure Loves You!

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Biggedy Buggedy Buggedy Boo
Snuggely Buggely Boo
Buggedy Biggedy Biggedy Boo
Somebody Loves Her Buggaboo!

Biggedy Buggedy Buggedy Boo
Snuggely Buggely Boo
Buggedy Biggedy Biggedy Boo
Guess Who Loves Her Buggaboo

Biggedy Buggedy Buggedy Boo
Snuggely Buggely Boo
Buggedy Biggedy Biggedy Boo
Mama Loves Her Buggaboo!