March 17th, 2008

So much to say, so much to show. Where to begin?

Day 1.

Meeting a dear old friend at the airport. A drive through a new city, and out to the country. Lorakeets in the trees. Parrots. Crimson Rosella. Cockatoos (cockies). Birds, amazing birds! Birds! Everywhere! A mud brick home with a view of forever, off to the Dandenongs. A wallaby in the back yard.

Day 2.

A giant kangaroo, alone, in the back yard. The former mob leader, ousted when a younger, stronger male rose up. A day in the city. A wealth of intricate and ornate architecture. A gift for a friend. Wandering through the market. Fresh strawberries. Japanese pancake. Bulgogi and kimchee. Licorice. Gelato. Uggs.

Day 3.

A quiet day in a mud brick house. A trip to a wonderland store filled with hand dyed felts and wools. Exquisite felt toys. Winterwood. A small fortune (well) spent on wool and art. A family of excited boys, bursting with enthusiasm over the gift.

Day 4.

A walk by the river. The Yarra. An art shop. An antique shop. Souvenirs found. A small leaf tile and a felted wool and silk case from the art shop. Inspirational pottery carvings. Silver charms from the antique shop. A dove bearing good news. A cherry. Good coffee. Lattes, served in glasses. A pottery book from a charming used book shop.

Day 5.

A drive along the coast. The Great Ocean Road. Built by returning soldiers, after the war.

A beach house with a view of the ocean. Koalas clinging to branches in the manna gums*.

King parrots. Yellow tailed black cockatoos and gang-gangs. Wye River.

Day 6.

Sunrise on the ocean. The moon is upside down! The Southern Cross. Fish and chips. Barramundi.

Exploring tide pools. Amazing textures.

Walking on the beach.

Hours of conversation.

Day 7.

Another glorious sunrise. The sea sparkles like diamonds. A drive further down the coast. Apollo Bay. Then up through the rainforest. The Otway Ranges. Farmland. Trees. Old growth timbers, decimated. Back to the city.

Day 8.

A little boy sets off on a great adventure. Sailing. Away at camp for a week. Cheerful goodbyes. Another sighting of the back yard wallaby. A drive through the city. The whirlwind tour. Dinner with old friends. Lovely ladies from childhood. Names heard for over 25 years, with faces at last. Shakahara. Delicious Indian food.

Day 9.

A gathering of ladies in the city. Federation Square. Knitting. Chatting. New friends. Smiling faces. Cuddling babies. Good coffee. Lattes in glasses again. Pancakes served with ice cream. Ice Cream! Imagine it!

Back to the hills. A walk in a national park at the end of the road. The Old Glynn’s Farm at dusk. Kangaroos! Dozens of them! Too timid to allow pictures.

Belladonna growing wild in the forest.

Last minute knitting.

An exquisite gift. A hand felted wool, silk, and muslin receiving blanket. Exquisite. Peaceful thoughts. Encouraging thoughts of the baby. Hours of conversation.

Day 10.

A wistful goodbye.

Then, on to Sydney, for a new adventure!

Many more pictures here.

*Corrected, per Suse! Mannagongs. What was I thinking?!

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7 Responses to “memories of melbourne”

suse Says:

I love that pic of me on the beach – might print that one out if that’s ok!?

Love love loved reading your side of the story, seeing your photos, hearing your thoughts. A minor correction – manna gums (as in gum trees), not mannagongs which sounds like a kind of primitive musical instrument.

Off to check out the other photos …

sueeeus Says:

Print anything you like! Actually, I’ll send you the higher resolution version soon, if you want to print it. Stand by…

bluemountainsmary Says:

I think you captured the visit – in words and pictures – beautifully.

Very beautifully.

telfair Says:

We lived in Melbourne for two years…your memories and photographs made me miss it horribly…

Thanks for sharing.

Stomper Girl Says:

This was such a lovely summary. I’m so jealous that you saw a koala in the wild. I’ve lived in Australia all my life and I’ve never seen that.

h&b Says:

Oh how lovely !

I like how you write – I would have bogged down in words and set all readers off yawning.

Suse’s views always look amazing.

Sorry I missed you !

MsCellania Says:

The last photo made my eyes well with tears.
Suse and Sueeeus. Dear old friends.
This was lovely!

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