January 14th, 2011

hooray for the birthday boy

Today my BB turned six. He’s such a remarkable young man. He has spunk and attitude, and beneath that, a warm and tender heart.

He’s passionate and sensitive, stubborn, and independent.  He is very physical and very visual.  He likes sticks and stones and leaves and feathers; my little nature boy.

homework - what I did on holiday

He’ll spend  hours working on one page of homework, the results a scribbly mess –because he doesn’t want to do it, and then he’ll whip out a complex drawing in a matter of minutes.  I marvel at his artistic abilities.  He draws from memory, from some picture in his head.  I watched him draw the crabs and trees — he pulled them right out of his mind and put them on the paper.

crabs, coconuts, and sunset

He’s a dreamer, spinning visions of fantastical things with his active imagination.

My friend Sailor once told him that girls get everything they want, so the sooner he accepts that, the better off he will be.  Some people’s friends.  Months later, BB tells me he wants to be a girl, or a grownup.  Because girls get whatever they want, and because grownups get to make their own choices.


One day we were talking about brains and I mentioned that I’d heard that people who are very smart have more lines on their brains.  At school he heard that girls are smarter than boys, and boys are cooler than girls.  Again, he wants to be a girl so he can have more lines on his brain.

But Mama, I’m a boy, so I don’t have very many lines on my brain.

I assured him that there are many boys who are smarter than girls.

kicking back

It’s thrilling to watch his life unfold, to see the person he has grown to be.  This little one came from me, is a part of me.  I want him to live a beautiful life.  I want him to be secure in the knowledge that he is wanted, treasured, and loved.

the best present ever

How I love this boy!

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