January 14th, 2009

Hello there, my Beautiful Boy!  You are such a fine young boy.  I love how you say, “I don’t know ever-fing, cos I’m just a booooooyyyyyyy.”  You look so grown up!  You sound so grown up!  You are quite the conversationalist, and I’m often astounded at the things you say, although we all could have done without you matter of factly calling your dad an SOB last night, because he wouldn’t let you have your way.   We knew it was a matter of time when you’d try that one out.  Sometimes your antics drive me batty, and I have to remind myself that you’re only four.  You are as sharp as a tac, and because of that, you keep me on my toes, always!  You are very very good at behaving badly, and how can I fault you when you explain that “it’s fun for me-eeeeee….”   I’m so challenged, finding ways to explain to you how to behave.


I love the way you talk to me in the morning, after you’re refreshed yourself with a good night’s sleep.  Often you lift your sweet face to me, and say, “Mommy, I’m sorry I acted up last day.”  We talk about you working on your attitude and your temper, and you promise to try harder.  It’s so hard to be four, isn’t it?!


You are a light in my life, my Beautiful Boy.  You have a big, beautiful, loving heart.  I love the way you hug and kiss your little brother.  I love that you still like to snuggle with me.  I love the way you spontaneously wrap your arms around me and bury your face in me.  I love the way you kiss me goodbye every morning when I leave you at daycare, and the way you always turn the last kiss into a big raspberry.  I love your sense of humor.  I love your sense of compassion.  I hope and pray that I can always be for you the mother you need me to be, to nurture you, guide you, teach you, and raise you to be the best  you can be.

I love YOU, my Beautiful Boy!  My beautiful, four year old boy.  Happy Birthday.

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6 Responses to “four”

bluemountainsmary Says:

Happy Birthday Light of Your Mama’s life!

suse Says:

Four. My gosh how on earth did that happen?

Happy birthday big boy, and happy birth day to the mama!

Stomper Girl Says:

Happy Birthday to your 4 year-old. Another blogger said to me that four is old enough to know your mind and your manners. I think it is a beautiful year and I wish you both joy of his four-ness.

cindy Says:

oh to be four again!! Enjoy every moment they grow so so fast.

I remember when I first found writing or writing found me — I wrote a piece about the last time –the last time my son sat on my lap, the last time he wrapped his arms around me in such innocence–and I couldn’t remember when it was because he was then an early teenager. Relish the moment!!

Aunty Evil Says:

This made me go all dewy. You have beautiful boys Sue, and congratulations to the 4 year old!

Myfloat Says:

What a beautiful smiling boy!

Happiest of birthdays.

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